Ian Spence

Ian Spence

Information Security Professional & Software Developer


I am an information security professional & software developer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am the creator and developer of TLS Inspector: a free & open source iOS app trusted by thousands across the world to help protect their privacy online.

Although I have a wide variety of skills including software development & system administration, my primary focus is with information security, specifically web PKI, TLS, and DevSecOps.


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TLS Inspector

Free WiFi, Workplace Internet, and Computer Viruses can put your personal information at risk. With TLS Inspector you can verify the secure connection information of any website and ensure that your information is private.

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CertBox is an enterprise-ready CA solution that's designed to provide a reliable, audit-able, and secure internal certificate authority from the smallest of businesses to the largest of enterprises.

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Cirrus is a first-class Cloudflare client with built-in support for DNS record management, analytics, page rules, and advanced site settings including SSL, HSTS, Caching, and Rate Limiting.


I can be reached on Twitter, Signal, or regular unencrypted Email.

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I'm active on Twitter and have open DMs. Feel free to mention or message me on Twitter @ecnepsnai.


Send your message to +1 778-654-4672 using Signal.
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