Ian Spence

Ian Spence

Site Reliability Engineer & Information Security Professional

About Me

I am a site reliability administrator & information security professional based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am the creator and developer of TLS Inspector: a free & open source iOS app trusted by thousands across the world to help protect their privacy online.

My Work

TLS Inspector icon

TLS Inspector Learn More ⟩

Free WiFi, workplace internet, and computer viruses can put your personal information at risk. With TLS Inspector you can verify the secure connection information of any website and ensure that your information is private.

Swift Objective-C OpenSSL
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Certificate Factory Learn More ⟩

Easily import and generate X.509 certificates using this intuitive and cross-platform Electron desktop application.

TypeScript Electron.JS Golang
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Otto Learn More ⟩

An automation toolkit for UNIX-like computers. It's designed to be fast, efficient with thousands of hosts, and have minimal requirements on targets.

TypeScript React.JS Golang Docker
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DS (Go Library) Learn More ⟩

Short for "data store", DS is a key-value store with hash indexes. It allows for rudimentary but lightning fast retrieval of grouped or relevant data without having to iterate over all objects in the store.

More Projects available on my Github ⟩

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I can be reached on Signal or regular unencrypted Email.

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